Eff&Be | Dayton Triangles Hats

Local philanthropic brand Eff&Be commissioned the DSC to work on their first project:  snapbacks and other style caps with custom patches calling back to Dayton sports teams past.

The Dayton Triangles hats were the pilot edition of the project. With Oregon District business Heart Mercantile partnering as a retail outlet, Daytonians in-the-know gobbled up the caps and are already anticipating the next batch.


Our role in this project was literally sewing the pieces together to create a finished and final product. Like so many of our projects here at the DSC, it’s trickier than it would at first appear. Yet and still our sewist Lori was up to the task and sewed over 60 triangles patches onto caps of various styles and colors.

We love creating conversation starters, whether it’s an upcycled “Wicked” vinyl messenger bag, mysterious orange triangle patch caps, or IMAGINE sit-upons … we’re here to help Daytonians bring projects to life that: inspire pride in our city,  encourage connection + community, can employ our skilled sewists with an eye toward scalability.

Dayton Triangles Baseball Caps



Since this project Eff&Be has also commissioned the DSC to design and produce aprons for the downtown restaurant Table 33.

Find Eff&Be on instagram: @effandbe

See if there are any triangles caps available by visiting Heart Mercantile, or Linwood Men’s Specialty Shoppe

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