The Dayton Sewing Collaborative is determined to make sewing a viable career option in the Ohio Valley. We are building a sewing makerspace and training facility in Dayton, Ohio to help people get jobs in industrial sewing, or build their own sewing-based businesses.

We can help with product development, prototyping, and small-run production of sewn products specializing in canvas and durable materials.


The Space

Location: 721 Springfield St (East Entrance) | Dayton, Ohio | 45403

Open-sew hours: Currently vary, see Upcoming Events

Sewing Collaborative Amenities:

  • Selection of consumer grade home machines: Brother, Janome, Singer, White, and more.
  • Consumer grade serger machines
  • Industrial Juki Walking Foot sewing machines
  • Common tools and notions (pinking shears, pins, tape measures, rotary cutters, rulers, cutting mats etc)
  • 72″ gridded cutting tables with rhino-mats
  • Steamer and ironing station
  • Conference Table
  • Instructional Area (whiteboards and chalkboard)

Are you a small sewing or art business looking to get out of your home-studio and into a separate space? There’s plenty of room in the building where we rent at 721 Springfield Street, and clustering similar businesses is shown to increase the resilience and community of those clustered businesses.

More about our intentions

Our community-based initiative intends to be the hub of the sewing economy in the Ohio Valley. The work we do to earn income (sewing services, space rental, product sales) will help to fund our Dayton Train to Sew workforce development program, and the DSC facility costs.

The forthcoming Jobs Board will be the connection between sewists looking for work and local sewing industry employers looking to invest in their team.

Our studio membership is growing bit-by-bit with each hobby sewist, home-based business owner, and textile artist that commits to a drop-in or yearly membership due. Most of our members have joined because of our available industrial machines and our gigantic cutting tables. Membership dues help to equip our space as a modern sewist’s haven of both creativity and productivity.

Once we have the Dayton Train to Sew program squared away, we’ll refocus on entrepreneurial development to support the Dayton’s sewing, textile and fashion start-ups.

All this is with the mind to use sewing as a common thread to bring people from across the community together cutting across race, class, gender, ethnicity, and age — to explore new creative, economic, and civic opportunities in the region through collaboration.

If your intentions line up with ours, we’d love for you to connect with us initially by email:  daytonsewing@gmail.com