Donating warmth twelve blankets at a time.


Last month our Volunteer Day produced washable warmth and coziness 12x over with double-sided blankets donated to St. Vincent DePaul who is still in urgent need of new blankets.

TODAY, we’re reprising our blanket project with an interesting twist!

One of our community partners donated yards of quilted fabric woven with kevlar running through it.

We’ll be replacing one side of the blankets with this still surprisingly soft material, and hope to deliver another dozen layers of soft secure warmth after our time together today!

Wednesday Sept 6th 12 p.m.- 3 p.m.

Make 2: Take 1 | Tote Bag Sewing Day!

The main event at our July volunteer day session will be sewing totes bags using upholstery fabric we rescued from the Montgomery County Materials Reuse Facility (McMRF).

There were thousands of yards of upholstery fabric donated to McMRF by a retiring upholsterer. To keep this perfectly usable fabric from the waste stream, we rescued hundreds of yards.
The McMRF facility is open only for non-profits (and teachers). They divert usable items from the waste stream and give the materials and goods to non-profits to utilize in fulfilling their missions.
We not only found lots of lovely (and some really hideously outdated!) upholstery fabric, we were also lucky to score these awesome storage tubes!

At our July 12th volunteer day, we will walk you through the steps to create a finished and crafted tote bag for stocking the Dayton Sewing Collaborative booth at the upcoming 3rd Sundays at Front Street (July 16th). Proceeds help fund our Dayton Train 2 Sew programming.

This is a Make 2 : Take 1 event!
Make at least one tote of sellable quality and you are welcome and encouraged to also make one for yourself to take home!

It will help greatly if you already know how to sew, yet we welcome anyone who is interested in helping, to join us!

We have space for up to 12 volunteers for this event. 

Reserve your seat here.


(Special thanks to our volunteer Carole C. who designed the totes and made the prototypes and first products for this fundraising project!)

Past Project The Longest Table | Reusable Cloth Napkins

After attending their March 2017 event, our lead project manager Rachel DB was compelled to offer our services to make and donate 90+ reusable cloth napkins to The Longest Table Dayton. The donation landed just in time for their April Earth Day meal and conversation hosted at the Lincoln Hills Garden.

” I was delighted by how well received the napkins were. To me, it is a simple item, a utility I’ve made dozens upon dozens of times and use everyday at home. I realized through seeing the reaction on individual’s faces that this may have been the first time some had the opportunity to connect a sewn item directly with the person who made it. ”

– Rachel Dominguez-Benner, DSC Lead Project Manager


We set to work sorting through cotton donations we’d received since opening and selecting prints that would wear well with use.

After cutting the fabric into sizeable squares our volunteers set about serging the edges with Bulky Nylon and the rolled-hem setting on our consumer grade sergers. We used The branding colors of the Longest Table robin’s egg blue and sunshine yellow, to create fun and lighthearted reusable napkins!

Another project that encourages community, personal connection, and pride in our neighborhoods and city. We were honored to contribute to the work of The Longest Table.

If you’d like to attend a Longest Table event, they are held monthly with a focal event in the autumn. Find all about the happenings and the story / mission behind the meals at, and if you see Rachel DB there, say hello!


{That’s Rachel DB on the right.}



Eff&Be | Dayton Triangles Hats

Local philanthropic brand Eff&Be commissioned the DSC to work on their first project:  snapbacks and other style caps with custom patches calling back to Dayton sports teams past.

The Dayton Triangles hats were the pilot edition of the project. With Oregon District business Heart Mercantile partnering as a retail outlet, Daytonians in-the-know gobbled up the caps and are already anticipating the next batch.


Our role in this project was literally sewing the pieces together to create a finished and final product. Like so many of our projects here at the DSC, it’s trickier than it would at first appear. Yet and still our sewist Lori was up to the task and sewed over 60 triangles patches onto caps of various styles and colors.

We love creating conversation starters, whether it’s an upcycled “Wicked” vinyl messenger bag, mysterious orange triangle patch caps, or IMAGINE sit-upons … we’re here to help Daytonians bring projects to life that: inspire pride in our city,  encourage connection + community, can employ our skilled sewists with an eye toward scalability.

Dayton Triangles Baseball Caps



Since this project Eff&Be has also commissioned the DSC to design and produce aprons for the downtown restaurant Table 33.

Find Eff&Be on instagram: @effandbe

See if there are any triangles caps available by visiting Heart Mercantile, or Linwood Men’s Specialty Shoppe

Past Project Dayton Metro Library | Sit-upons



(February 24, 2017) — When you’re a kid at a Library Storytime, it’s nice to have a little extra cushioning between yourself and the floor. Thanks to the Dayton Sewing Collaborative, children at all of the new or newly remodeled Dayton Metro Libraries have cheerful, durable cushions to sit upon.


The cushions are custom-made by The Dayton Sewing Collaborative, a community-based economic development organization that works to increase the viability of sewing as a career and manufacturing base in the Ohio Valley. The nonprofit Collaborative offers sewing services and workforce development programs.


“It’s wonderful to work with a local nonprofit doing such great things for workforce development, which is one of the Library’s strategic initiatives as well,” said Jayne Klose, the Library’s Community Engagement Manager.


“The Dayton Sewing Collaborative is honored to collaborate with the Library on this project,” said Brenda Rex of the Collaborative. “Being involved in all phases of the project, from concept through manufacturing, was a great learning opportunity and has opened doors to other opportunities.”


For children at the Library, the cushions are more than just comfy seating. They can actually help kids focus and learn.


“Children stay on the cushions and really pay attention,” said Terri Stringer, Children’s Services Librarian at the Vandalia Branch Library. Stringer uses the cushions for her Toddler and Preschool Storytimes. “I tell the children about the Sewing Collaborative and that people from Dayton made them, and the children find the story really interesting.”


“They even help teach responsibility,” said Jennifer Buckner, Children’s Services Librarian at the Kettering-Moraine Branch. “Each child prepares for Storytime by choosing their seat and they all help put them away when Storytime is done.”


Eventually all Dayton Metro Libraries will have the cheerful, washable cushions available for children’s programs. To find a Storytime program, visit the Events Calendar at or call (937) 463-BOOK.